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The Tissue bank was set up in 2010 with funding from TTK Prestige Ltd.

The Tissue bank serves as a procurement and distribution centre of human allograft tissues. These will be provided as non-viable allografts, preserved by freezing or freeze drying and sterilized by gamma irradiation.

BMST Tissue bank procures bone fragments after knee & hip replacement surgeries, which are otherwise discarded as waste with prior informed consent. Screening for Infectious diseases like Hepatitis, HIV & Syphilis are carried out on the donor blood sample.

The tissues undergo stringent testing & processing which involves wet processing, freeze drying & sterilization by gamma irradiation. The bone pieces and bone powder are used as surgical implants and also in dental practice as filling.

Bone allografts collected & issued in 2020-21




Bone Allografts Issued for clinical use

The Process

Hospitals using our Tissue Bank in Bangalore