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What Is Thalassemia?

Free Blood Transfusions:

At BMSTs day care transfusion centre, blood components are given free for patients with Thalassemia, Hemophilia and other hematological disorders who need regular, repeat transfusions.

Free Blood Transfusions In 2020 – 21: 1572

Thalassemia Control and Prevention Programme

BMSTs Thalassemia control program was started in 2010 is a free service initially funded by NRHM, and continuing with funding from TTK Prestige Ltd.

Thalassemia prevalence in India is 1%-3% and higher amongst certain ethnic communities. The prohibitive costs per patient, vulnerability to transfusion-related complications and the loss of quality of life, makes it imperative to implement an effective Thalassemia prevention program urgently.

Close relatives of Thalassemia patients are counseled and given information on Thalassemia and its prevention. Their blood samples are collected and tested for Thalassemia carrier status by Hemoglobin variant analysis and Mutational analysis as needed.

Carriers of Thalassemia gene are given preventive genetic counseling including pre-marital testing of spouse-to-be and pre-natal diagnosis.

This programme is aimed at reducing the incidence of Thalassemia in Karnataka using the Cascade Screening and Testing model and preventive genetic counseling at 4 locations Bangalore Urban, Bangalore Rural, Hubli, Mysore.

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