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Mentoring for AABB Quality Certificate Program

Laos Blood center team visits Bangalore

A team from Laos Red Cross Blood Center visited Rotary TTK Blood Center, Bangalore between June 27th & 29th, 2023.

The purpose of the visit was to understand & observe the requirements related to AABB Quality certificate program.

The team form Laos was headed by Dr. Chirapha Keokhamphoui, Deputy Director of Blood center and the other two members from the quality department were Dr. Vanviloun Saykocie & Dr. Vongkeng Phanvansa.

They underwent training for the Fundamental Standards for Blood Collection & Transfusion, 1st edition, AABB. They observed all the technical areas from blood donation process till component issue. The team from Rotary TTK Blood Center was headed by Dr. Ankit Mathur, Additional Medical Director and the other members were Dr. Soumee Banerjee, Mr Vijay Reddy & Mr Santanu Chakraborty were also involved in the program.

Ms. Christine Bales from AABB Head office was also connected virtually to provide the overview of application process. The Laos Blood center team found the training program useful. They have started the process of quality improvement & will be applying for AABB program soon.