Organize Blood Donation Camp/ Donate Blood

Best Practices

  1. Emphasis on 100% voluntary blood donation, and stringent donor selection protocol
  2. 100% of the blood collected separated into components
  3. Testing every unit of blood for Transfusion Transmissible Infections (TTI), by the latest technology NAT test (hyperlink)
  4. Ensuring vein-to- vein traceability through
    a)    Bar codes for all samples
    b)    Automated tests whose results are fed directly to the blood bank Software (Hemotrace)
    c)    Every component barcode is scanned and the results of TTI, blood group, pre-transfusion testing etc obtained and all labels are printed from software to eliminate manual errors
    d)    All relevant records also printed directly from software (again to eliminate manual errors)
  5. Actively promoting the concept of storage centres and bulk transfer of blood to improve accessibility to safe blood components to 22 Blood Storage Centres
  6. Our policy of taking back unused blood components from storage centres to prevent wastage
  7. We are NABH accredited. Quality was always emphasized but NABH accreditation has made us more conscious of continual improvement

If you want to donate blood

  • Any person between 18 – 65 years of age, over 45 kg and in good health condition can donate blood. As patient and donor safety is very important to us, we ask the donors to fill a detailed questionnaire (Clickable link)
  • Also look at (Clickable links): Dos and Dont’s, Pre and Post donation details, Testing (Attachments)
  • Your blood will be separated into red cells, platelets and plasma and can save three lives.
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