Bangalore Medical Services Trust (BMST)

Bangalore Medical Services Trust (BMST) is a not-for-profit organization of the Rotary Club of Bangalore and TTK group of companies.Trustees list

BMST was registered as a "Public Charitable Trust" in February 1984, with the Registration Number 784 in 1983-84,
dated 16/02/1984.

As a not-for-profit trust, BMST has been granted 'Approval under Section 80G (5)(vi) of the Income Tax act, 1961'. Therefore donations to the organization are tax-deductible.

BMST has been granted authorization to accept Foreign funds as it is registered under Section 6(1) of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act, 1976. This is now called Foreign Exchange Management Act (FEMA). The FCRA registration Number is 094420600

Rotary, Bangalore-TTK Blood Bank has been providing Blood banking & Transfusion services to hospitals & patients in Bangalore and surrounding districts since 1984. From a small blood bank with a collection and issue of around 5000 units of Whole Blood in 1984, we have come a long way. We are now a large Blood Component facility and Regional Blood Transfusion Centre,Karnataka, with a proven track record for providing quality services and safe blood components.
In 1991 we started the Rtn. Arun Kumar Day Care Centre to help Thalassemia patients avoid the cost and effort of admission into a hospital setting. Here Thalassemia, Hemophilia and other such Transfusion-dependant patients are given free blood transfusions. In 2010 we added the Thalassemia Control program of screening and genetic counselling as a free service to relatives of Thalassemics.

The Transplant Immunology (HLA) laboratory was added in 2001 as an extension of the Immunohematology arm of the blood bank. Named after Rtn. PDG.P.T. Kasturi, the founding Chairman of BMST, the HLA laboratory carries out the specialized tests required for both Solid Organ as well as Bone Marrow Transplantation cases all over Karnataka.

In 2010 BMST set up a Tissue Bank, the first of its kind in Karnataka, and one of a few in India. The goodwill with hospitals all over the State, helped us source Bone and amnion from their patients. Presently we provide Bone & Amniotic membrane allografts for clinical use and plan to expand to include other tissues.

For several thousands of patients with Leukemia, Aplastic Anemia, Thalassemia and so on, the only hope for a cure is a Bone Marrow Transplantation. In 2009 Rotary Bangalore-TTK Blood Bank initiated the Stem Cell Registry-India project to tap into its large base of young, well educated voluntary blood donors and motivate them to register as potential Bone Marrow donors. Already, more than 5000 of them have joined the registry, with potential to expand every year.

We do specific Community programs centered on health awareness building and education, Training & capacity building. Though essentially a service organization we also carryout research projects

BMST is founded on principles of strong values, ethical practice and commitment to social responsibility. We therefore:
  • Strive to constantly improve the Quality and safety of our products & services.
  • Provide blood, tissues, laboratory and other services at subsidized or at no cost at all to deserving patients.
  • Respect the privacy of donors & patients and maintain total confidentiality and provide donor disclosure, counselling
        and referral services.
  • Treat donors, patients and their relatives with utmost courtesy and empathy.
  • Treat our stakeholders including donors; patients, employees, suppliers and end-users equally and do not discriminate
        on the basis of gender, sexual orientation, disability, HIV status, religion, caste, ethnic, or socio-economic status.
  • Do not tolerate acts of sexual harassment, related retaliation or false complaints of sexual harassment against or by any
  • Apply general principles of safety, biohazard handling and disposal of waste to all areas and activities in order to protect     our personnel, patients and the community at large against diseases transmitted through blood and other body fluids.
The BMST team:

Dr. Latha Jagannathan, Medical Director (honorary) & Managing trustee
Ms Lakshmi Ravichandran, Trustee & Head, blood donor recruitment department honorary
A.V.M., G.V. Bhat, Head, Administration
Dr. Sanjana Dontula, Quality Manager & Head, Infectious diseases testing
Dr. Ankit Mathur, Transfusion Medicine Specialist and Technical Manager
Dr. Nutan Dighe, Technical Manager, Transplant Immunology
Ms. Shalini Gambhir, consultant, Community Services
Ms. Elsy Mathew, Quality Control Officer,
Mr. Dilliram, Technical Supervisor,
Our very dedicated team of volunteers, technologists, nurses, counsellors & administrative staff
BMST thanks:
The many volunteers who give unconditionally of their time & effort…
Technical Support
Advisory comm.
Donors & Partners..
Blood Donation Camps(BDC)
FCRA Donations
And most importantly, OUR VOLUNTARY BLOOD DONORS

Dr. Latha Jagannathan, Founding Trustee, BMST has been working in an honorary capacity as Medical Director since its inception in 1984.
Ms. Lakshmi Ravichandran, Trustee, BMST has been taking care of the entire voluntary blood donor program for BMST since 1995.
Dr. Kamala Balakrishnan, an expert in Blood Banking, Immuno-hematology and HLA has supported in innumerable ways with her expertise to set up the laboratories, training of BMST personnel both in India and in USA.
Dr. Darshan Bhat, Mr. V. Shenoy & Mr. Gurumurthy with several years of experience in Quality systems, have helped us with the Quality Management program & accreditation for the blood bank.
Ms. Lata Amashi, & Ms. Shobha Dilip Kumar have been supporting BMST by arranging for Voluntary Blood Donation Camps and Mrs. Geetha Santhanam, Dr Vasantha & Dr. Menaka volunteer at the blood donation camps.
Individual Rotarians from the Rotary clubs of Rotary District 3190 who help us with blood donation drives
Mr. Pratap has developed “Hemotrace”, the software for the blood bank as well as the web site. Mr. Amrudesh & Ms. Smita Ramakrishna
Mr. Dilip Kumar, Mr. Praful, & Mr. Amrudesh have volunteered several hours of their time in an advisory capacity.
We thank all the hospitals and the medical community for their trust in the quality of our services.