Community Services

The Need & BMST’s Response
In the early 1980s, BMST started community health education to ensure a resource pool of healthy and risk-free blood donors. We offered awareness about STI (Sexually Transmitted infections), Hepatitis B & C, the infections which could be transmitted through blood transfusion from a donor to a patient. In 1986, with the advent of HIV/AIDS, we included information about this new infection as well.
Over time, we realised that there was very little awareness about HIV/AIDS in the community. This prompted us to design AIDS education programmes for youth. To capture and retain the attention of our audience and to deal sensitively with the issues around sexual transmission, we included life-skills based interactive games. In 2003-05 this morphed into the BMST “Family Life, Values and Life Skills” programme. In 2004-05 BMST added the “School AIDS Education Programme” (SAEP) to the stable. Issues covered included Gender Awareness, Sexual and Reproductive Health, General Life Skills, Alcohol and Drug abuse, Sexual abuse, STIs and HIV/AIDS.